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Grim Zine Issue #2 - DIGITAL

Grim Zine Issue #2 - DIGITAL

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Ah, so you're a treehugger?

Hey, nothing wrong with loving Mother Nature. If that's your jam, then this PDF of the second issue of the Grim Zine should be right up your alley - It's cheaper (unlike video game companies, we account for the fact that we didn't have to buy it), and instant. You can get your GCX fix right from your preferred device, right now! So you're aware, this product is a PDF, so make sure you have something that can read it. I personally like PDF Expert for iOS, but there's a million different ones.

As to the issue itself, it's themed! The theme we set out for the team was "Prehistoric", and they delivered. Featuring a Disco Infernal - adjacent comic from Rich and Pope, a comic by Pope, and art by Maya and Devil's Milk, it's a great collection.

NOTE: This digital purchase is not eligible for the Devil's Milk trading card. Gonna have to kill some trees for that one!

SECOND NOTE: The physical version is currently in production and expected to ship in late April. 

Comic specs:

Age recommendation: 18+ for extreme violence, sexual content, and language.

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